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Are you thinking about starting weight lifting? Here’s what you need to prepare for the gym along with tips on accessories you can’t do without.

3 Gym Accessories

Regardless of your fitness level, great quality gym accessories are of utmost importance. The right equipment helps reduce the risk of injuries while boosting your performance.

Check out our handpicked selection of essential weight training items below.

1. The right workout clothes

This may sound obvious, but what you wear to the gym can and will impact your performance. Many people wonder what to wear for workouts, and typically dig an old outfit from the back of the closet.

The perfect workout look has you feeling comfortable while staying true to your style and personality. Aesthetics aside, here are a few key points to consider when picking your outfit.

Gym clothes should be light, easy to move in, and come packed with wearable tech features such as a sweat wicking fabric with Quick Dry Technology.

LIVE! offers many workout outfit options packed with wearable tech fabrics that enhance performance, comfort and safety.

2. The ideal gym sneakers

Wearing sneakers to the gym is a standard rule, and for good reason: protect our feet and support correct (and safe) movement.

Our feet act as our body’s base, offering support for our limbs, spine and muscles. It’s very important to carefully identify the right sneaker to accommodate our feet and avoid harm.

3. Water bottle

When sweating through weight lifting, our bodies lose a significant amount of fluids and minerals. If we don’t compensate by drinking plenty of water, our bodies may suffer from side effects.

The first and most common one is the ability it has to regulate our body temperature, which affects performance and well-being. To avoid this, be sure to keep a water bottle close by and drink before training to ensure strong hydration levels; during, in order to replace the loss in real time; and after, to facilitate a quick recovery.

Oh, and don’t forget a hand towel and gym bag to carry all of your belongings.

Are you ready to give your all? Check out these and many more gym accessories in our online shop!