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Sporty and Casual – How to Wear Athleisure

Sporty and Casual – How to Wear Athleisure

Combining sporty and casual styles synonymous with practicality and comfort, look easy without sacrificing elegance. For those seeking this style, ask yourself how do you stay true to your personality without looking too basic or informal.

Here are some great tips to compose looks with this vibe. Check them out!

What is a sporty style?

According to the Universal Styles Theory developed in the 1980s by American image consultants Alyce Parsons and Mimi Dorsey, there are 7 types of styles.

Sporty – also called natural – is the most casual version. Despite its name, dressing in this style may or may not necessarily mean you’re practicing sports.

Athleisure - a combination of the words Athletic and Leisure - is one of the most well known and popular trends nowadays. It’s all about dressing in garments that can be worn for both sports practices and as casual attire on a daily basis.

What are the 7 Universal Styles?

In order to better understand the most defining features of this trend, let’s find out how it compares to other styles.

1 Romantic: feminine and delicate. Full skirts, dresses, high heels in candy colors.
2 Classic: worn by women who value timelessness, quality and a touch of formality. Tailored trousers, moccasins and blazers are a must in their wardrobes.
3 Elegant: it’s all about sophistication, refinement and incorporating accessories such as jewelry, watches and bags.
4 Sensual: highlights the body without sacrificing sophistication in lower necklines and tighter outfits. Don’t overdo it though!
5 Urban: conveys strength and modernity with items such as distressed or boyfriend jeans, maxi coats and combat boots.
6 Creative: this is the freest and boldest of all styles, combining different characteristics and references from all 7 styles.
7 Sporty: Young and Casual are the key defining features of this style, consisting of daywear, versatile items. Even though the key characteristic of a sporty style is functionality, it spans beyond that in more expressive look combinations.

Key elements in the Sporty style

The secret to compose a wardrobe in this style is to bet on fluid and wildcard pieces that can be worn to different occasions:

. Loose and flowy, or more fitted shapes, that favor movement;
. Light and comfortable fabrics;
. Solids or more minimalistic prints such as plaids and stripes;
. Low-heeled shoes like sneakers and flats;
. Simple designs;

Check out our tips on how to dress in this style without sacrificing elegance.

How to wear the sporty style

To make athleisure your own, your wardrobe must have some key items.. Check out some ofour essential items below.

Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are not just for women’s cycling but a cool and fashionable item you can add to you day-to-day looks. They’re now the main feature in some looks that can be easily paired with:

. Oversized T-shirts;
. Unbuttoned jackets worn over gym tops;
. Button front chemise-like dresses.

See all of LIVE!’s Biker Shorts in different lengths and styles:

. Jacquard Bio Fitness Shorts;
. Allure Essential Fitness Shorts;
. Motion Shorts;
. Essential Emana® Shorts;
. LIVE! Essential Fitness Shorts.

Sports Bras

Incorporate Sports Bras in your day-to-day looks. These fashion forward tops provide added support with thicker fabrication. See some of our LIVE! styles below:

. Jacquard Bio Sports Bra;
. Neo Allure Essential Sports Bra;
. Hype Block Sports Bra;
. Body Curve Allure Essential Sports Bra.


Oversized t-shirts are, without a doubt, essential for the athleisure look. They pair well with wide legged pants, skirts, jeans and shorts, adding a sporty touch to any outfit.

Sweatshirt & Sweatpants Set

It’s impossible to imagine comfortable loungewear without a Sweatshirt and Sweatpants set. They’re THE go-to option for a laid-back vibe:

. Hype Hoodie;
. Wide Hype Pants;
. Soft Side Cropped Pants.

Insider Styling tip: combine Athleisure with other styles

Our ultimate tip is to freestyle it.

Let your creativity flow and style out sporty looks with items from other categories. Need an example? Try adding a tailored blazer or high heels.

Mix and match your outfits for an elegant and sophisticated look.

LIVE! is a Fitness and Beachwear brand that highly values quality, comfort and sophistication. Check out our LIVE! online shop for more sporty and sophisticated items.

Explore more items on our online shop’s collections to compose a sporty wardrobe with comfort and sophistication.