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Overflow Gift - Unisex Visor

overflow / flow / adapt

The fluidity of adapting, creating, and reshaping molds us into who we aspire to be - anytime, anywhere.

We find our way with a deep dive into stories we've heard, fitting them into every step toward a more humane and sustainable future.

Let your essence overflow and pass on your legacy through meaningful connections

We've dared to go beyond and created our own reality. Now, we want to overflow with all the positivity we've collected.

We fully embrace and gather everything we've experienced. We choose the things we want to carry with us.

overflow speaks of the fluidity of moments and the constant desire to be better, to transcend our wishes, and to pass on a legacy of positivity to the next.

our technologies


Products are made using seamless technology on a unique loom, creating an entire piece without any seams.


Squat proof specifically designed to minimize transparency, ensuring confidence and comfort during every workout.


Experience our fitness and beachwear fabric, created with LIVE!'s special eco-friendly technology, combining recycled LYCRA® EcoMade and SENSIL® EcoCare fibers.


Print with reflective effect when exposed to light. This technology enhances safety during nighttime activities, providing increased visibility.

energy pro

Made with Innergy yarn, this fabric offers health benefits, as it contains bioactive minerals that help reduce signs of cellulite and muscle fatigue.

quick dry

Quick-drying technology that wicks moisture away from the skin, ensuring thermal balance during the workout.