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Casey Cohen

Casey Cohen

Casey, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, is well-versed in various fitness disciplines. She holds a G.E.A.R Certification for Indoor Cycling and is a Certified Functional Strength Coach, with an additional certification in Pre-Post Natal training. As the first Global Resident Trainer for Technogym in the USA, and an ELI Performer at Life Time, she specializes in cycling and HIIT formats.
''Progress over Perfection''


Do you have any morning rituals?

Every day I wake up right away and start it with coffee. I’m working out all day, doing work and I’m UP most of the day. I love STARBUCKS and usually have 4 a day. My go-to hot or cold: Grande Pike, half and half, no sugar.

What’s your approach to a well balanced diet?

I try to stay away from dairy and meat. I haven’t eaten meat since I filmed my Bravo TV show almost 10 years ago. My Mom is vegan, so she tries to educate me on food daily, however everyone is different and needs to fuel themselves accordingly based on their daily routine. I always say, “You can’t fuel a Ferrari with Camry gas.”

Secret skill?

I’m an artist. I have been drawing since I was 2 and recognized as one of the top emerging artists, which led me to the prestigious NYU Steinhardt School, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and a Master’s Degree in Art Education.

Life motto?

Progress over Perfection.

What does your average day look like?

I typically teach and take 2, 4, sometimes 6 classes a day. Even on my off day it usually consists of 2 classes. That might involve cycling, bootcamp or boxing.

How would you describe your lifestyle?

Active. I’m not really ever off, because whenever I have a day to myself I’m trying to get things done and take care of myself. On my day off, I always try to sleep in and start with coffee. That’s a must. I organize my day, being Type-A my calendar is color-coded. I typically do what I LOVE besides working out: get my nails done & take of any household-related errands (products, dog, laundry). On my day off today, I’m getting my nails done at Glosslab, taking classes at enjoying the facilities at Life Time. It’s really hard to be OFF as I’m always on, but I try to make sure I take care of my mindset during my off days.

What inspires you at the moment?

Music. I love playlisting and listening to music all day. My cycling classes are rhythm based, so the playlist drives everything. I love educating myself with new music getting inspired by new beats, artists and genres daily.

What do you love the most about the LIVE! Brand?

I love everyone at the LIVE! Brand. I fell in love with not only the clothing but the people. LIVE! has made a long-term commitment to ensure their company and culture are rooted in diversity, equality, inclusion and anti-racism. The company believes in a future where people, planet and purpose can thrive together and is grateful for the support of its teams and partners in achieving sustainability goals.

Why did you pick those LIVE! Outfits?

What I love most about the 2 outfits I chose is that LIVE! offers unique products dedicated to excellence in design and development, with a consistent emphasis on comfort, wearability and high performance with exclusive fabrics and industrial processes. The outfits fit like a glove and I love that LIVE! pays attention to the details of biodegradable fabrics, recycled fibers, exclusive seamless, UV50+protection, Quick Dry, Bi-Stretch, Lycra® Adaptiv, Sensil®, Coolmax®, Antishock®, Sorona®, Permanent Anti-Odour, Antiviral, reversible and multifunctional high-performance products.

What’s your favorite LIVE! product feature?

I love that the LIVE! Team are part of every step in making their clothing. You can tell because of the durability and the investments they make in their fabrics

How do you like to unwind after a busy day of work?

I am always on. It’s very hard for me to disconnect. I’m usually up before most and going to sleep late. I try to take a few hours to myself and relax with a candle and listen to music, but I have always had a sense of urgency and that for me means connected.