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Hats are essential accessories that add a touch of style to any look while protecting you from the sun’s damaging rays.

Check out LIVE!’s hat options to learn more about which one is best for your beachwear or lifestyle look!

How to pick the ideal beach hat?

The best way to start a hat selection is by looking for the right material that suits your needs. A hat’s functional purpose is to protect you from the sun and keep your head cool, so choosing inadequately can make you feel uncomfortably warm. Opting for a lighter, more breathable style is always a good way to go.

Always important to consider fit. For example, the wider the brim, the more protection from the sun.

Now that we’ve covered a few key points, read on to find the best option for you.

Beach and Lifestyle Hats

Check out the latest trends and pick your favorite!

1. Visors and Baseball Caps

These practical options never go out of style.

Made for outdoor sports practices, such as beach tennis or running, both hats feature adjustable sizing for a more athletic grip on the head, providing greater comfort and preventing your headwear from flying away with gusts of wind. Baseball caps and visors are ideal for those who love to spend time and practice sports outside.

2. The bucket hat is back!

A stylish addition to any look, bucket hats made a comeback over the summer and look like they’re here to stay.

Our LIVE! reversible bucket hat is super versatile and a great option for travel too. Get creative and wear this one on either side, whenever, wherever.

3. Panama hat

Highly breathable and with a wider brim, this renowned straw hat is made for sunny days and guarantees the shade you need for protection.

Our LIVE! Tropical Straw Hat comes in the shape we all know and love, in an elegant take that adds a touch of sophistication to any look. Go for a super stylish ensemble and wear it with jumpsuits or wide slacks.

Which of these styles is your favorite?

Check out our online shop to see more options and find the perfect hat for you!