This line is full of comfort and versatility for kids to have fun. The products are inspired in the adult line and go beyond sports clothes for physical activities and beach.

With hottest tones: from the new earthy like Valentino and Rust blend till our medium green Cactus; representing our need to dive into the natural vibe. Highlight for our Acid Purple bet - super trendy and cool.

Comfort & Style

Highlight for: Boy Soft Denim Pants and the Urban Hood Style Dress that inspire a urban trend take.



Malibu Kids bathing suit and Boxers let looks be modern and fun, besides FPU50+ technology that protect your little one from UV Rays.


Eco Friendly fabrics

Taking care of the planet is making sure we are leaving a caring heritage for the world we live in. In this collection, LIVE! brings some sustainable products that reduces environment impact.

A special approach to CO2 technologies - 100% polyamide yarn fabric that is decomposed by the action of biological agents. As in PAO technology - permanent antiodor that also reutilizaes water in its process. Reducing environment impact.