Reborn '21

Highlighting the importance of bonds and connecting with our true essence. The collection speaks to being reborn.

An intense search for affection, more reciprocity and appreciation of spirituality and compassion with ourselves and with others.

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Seek evolution

Challenge yourself to new activities paired with technologies that help boost your training performance.

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Value your body

Create experiences and enjoy these moments with garments that guarantee complete freedom in your movements.

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Nurture your soul

Make practical choices that are comforting. Appreciate the breaks and allow yourself to reconnect with your essence.

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Discover the world

Seek more comfort and versatility to face your challenges. Connect with nature to maintain the sense of wellness and lightness.

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Appreciate Freedom

Discover our universe of prints and live a moment of collaboration and care.

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Handmade floral print reflects surfwear’s fresh breeze.

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An animal print with calming beiges and neutral touches with delicate luminous lavender brush strokes.

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The light and delicacy of the bright background provides a vibrant visual, just like sunny days.

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A foliage aesthetic drawn from neo naturalism: light, fresh and delicate, in neutral and dry tones.

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A light and refined breath of summer air with floral gradients in neutral tones against an earth-y texture.

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