Pink October

When we become aware of what we can achieve, health, happiness and well-being naturally come along. Being aware of possibilities and setting intentions to our actions lead us to better lives.

How did it begin?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month started as a campaign in the early ‘90s by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation to create international awareness for breast cancer prevention. Its goal is to reach a 100% diagnosis rate in the early stage of the disease, as it significantly increases the chances of cure.

Our Contribution

100% of all sales proceeds from our Basic LIVE! Holographic Tank Top will be donated to the Breast Reconstruction Initiative, aimed at helping patients who are unable to afford surgery and are on waiting lists for funding.

*During the months of August, September and October of 2021.

Take action

Get your tank top and join our cause.

Dr. Raidel Deucher Plastic Surgeon

Born in Florianópolis and a graduate from the Federal University of Santa Catarina Medical School, Dr. Deucher has been at the helm of the Breast Reconstruction Initiative at Imperial Hospital de Caridade since 2014.

“There are several stages in breast cancer treatment: diagnosis, chemotherapy, masectomy. About 90% of cases require reconstructive surgery and this procedure considerably contributes to restoring and improving patients' self-esteem.”

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