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The Voice of the campaign

In 2019, we have the voice of Kalinka da Souza, an inspiring
woman that sought out to overcome this disease in
a special manner. When she discovered her diagnosis
of breast cancer she united her energy and her strength
to beat this disease alongside the support of her friends.

Her jogs helped maintain her disposition and her positive
mind frame. It was with that go to attitude that LIVE! was
inspired to take action. With this campaign, LIVE! Seeks
to bring awareness on how exercise is vital and may assist
in the treatment process. We want to shed light on how
strength and togetherness positively impacts our ability
to overcome any obstacle.

Check out the campaign vídeo below and get to know
this story of success and friendship.

“Joint Effort” Donation for Breast Reconstruction

Multiple steps accompany the treatment of Breast Cancer:
The diagnostic, chemotherapy, mastectomy etc... This process
influences greatly the patients self-esteem. Around 90%
of the cases will require breast reconstruction surgery.

The proceeds of the #LIVEPINKOCTOBER campaign this
year will be donated to help patients that need breast
reconstruction surgery.

This volunteer effort is lead by Dr. Raidel Deucher with
the objective to assist patients that are on the SUS
(Public health system in Brazil) waitlist and do not have
the financial means to pay for this surgery.

100% of the proceeds of the sales will be donated to “Mutirao” for Breast Reconstruction in the state of Santa Catarina Brazil. help too

dr. Raidel Deucher Plastic Surgeon

Born in the south of Brazil, in the city of Florianopolis, Dr Deucher graduated in medicine from the Federal University in the State of Santa Catarina Brazil in 2005. Dr Deucher has lead since 2014 the “Mutirao” for breast Reconstruction which takes place at Imperial Hospital Caridade.

“For 7 years I have performed “Mutirao” for Breast cancer Reconstruction in patients with cancer. It’s very hard to organize, yet once we begin to operate we notice the excitement of our colleagues, workers and all of those that embrace this cause, the gratitude and emotion of the patients that finally can live a life without the stigma of this disease that we end up looking forward to the joint effort of next year!”

Support this cause!

Join us and be a part of our circle.

    10 Tipsto maintain your body healthy and fit.

  • Take care of your nutritionFoods rich in vitamins, mineral salts, and fiber protect against a majority of cancers.

  • Exercise regularlyModerate Exercise like a 30 minute walk 5 days a week, reduces your chance of cancer by up to 50%.

  • Complete your Mammogram This exam helps in the detection of tumors in their initial stages.

  • Take care of your mental healthBreathing techniques, meditation, relaxing all help in controlling stress and anxiety, which are things that can effect our immunity.

  • Do not smokeCigarettes contain toxic substances that lead to diseases such as cancer.

  • SunbathJust 10 minutes a day is enough to raise the level of production of Vitamin D.

  • Check yourselfGet to know your body. 80% of tumors are discovered by performing self exams.

  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol The excessive consumption of alcohol are risk factors for many types of cancer.

  • Watch your weight Being overweight doesn’t just impact in development of the disease itself but also in the treatment.

  • Breast Feed Moms that breastfeed for at least a year reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

use #livepinkoctober and support this cause