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Joice Sens

Founder and
Creative Director

Joice Sens is the inspiration for our active, healthy and happy lifestyle. Through the rush between LIVE!’s Headquarters, trips and family time, she still manages to enjoy all the positivity that comes within a healthy lifestyle.

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“I enjoy the balance activities bring. I´ve practiced Pilates for many years and that has helped improved my posture and breathing. I also perform functional practices, which improves sleep and liveliness! With support from my nutritionist, I maintain a healthy eating routine. I’m happier with my body. This connection makes all the difference”, she reveals.

Besides going to the gym, Joice enjoys practicing open-air sports, being in contact with nature. “I have been this way since I was a little kid. I grew up on a farm and even today I live in a house that is surrounded by green areas with three dogs and a river that passes by the backyard. It’s such a joy!”.

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Mother of two and wife of Co- founder Gabriel Sens, Joice is quite practical and methodic in her routine: “I love comfortable clothes and that is what LIVE! is! Versatile products, along beautiful patterns with a sophisticated touch for sports; also with a transition for work and leisure.”

How LIVE! started

“I grew up watching my mom, a seamstress, picking fabrics, shaping, sewing and handling each product with a special care. I did my first course of cutting, shaping and sewing when I was only 14 years old and started working at 17 as a designer for a children’s clothing brand. Gabriel had the idea to build LIVE!. While he lived in Sao Paulo Gabriel, with his entrepreneurial mind, had the vision to choose activewear, which was a new and very promising business segment.”

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“It was very challenging and difficult to find specialized labor:” Joice explained, “We had to learn everything in a practical way: from product conception to even final stages such as selling. Since 2002, LIVE! grew up quickly! We expanded our selling points and our product lines. Besides Fitness, we also carry an elaborate Beach collection.”

There are more than two thousand multi-brands stores selling LIVE! products in Brazil and Worldwide. LIVE! also has twenty stores, among them, two franchises in Sao Paulo, two in Miami (USA) and one in London (England). Through our e-commerce, we deliver to countries all over the world.

LIVE!’s Universe

“From product conception to campaign and communication, LIVE! has a mission to promote an active, healthy and happier lifestyle. We are a brand with soul, that wants to be a part of people’s lives.“

“Our priority is comfort, shaping, and respecting each biotype and physical activity. All of LIVE!’s products are made in Brazil, guaranteeing quality in details and finishing’s. It’s an important issue to keep up with the production of the products. I always make sure to always follow the making of the pieces. I try almost every piece, and approve and add final touches and finishes. It´s like closing a cycle, from drawings to finalized products.”

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