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The New LIVE! Campaign see new experiences as a time of self contemplation.
Immerse yourself in the search for the extreme and true well being,
this collection will design new paths that bring together the equilibrium of body and mind.

LIVE!'s ambassador Bella Falconi was named the new face of Exhale 2018 campaign. Bella represents the essence of LIVE! Woman.
The balance between mind and body, the well-being translated through your connection with your best moment.

The essential is Unique

One of the largest highlights of this collection is the new fabric that on the surface bring texturized, metallic and smooth details.
The material choose have innovative looks and still maintain comfort, and technology of quick dry, UV protection and high breathability.

In this collection shapes were worked on to bring focus and well being that value the body and with new cuts and amplified pants,
new joggers and reversibles. The proposal is to bring multi functionality of products aligned with confront and contemporary practicality.

In the search for internal equilibrium, the purpose in the print is the search for external visuals that connect each activity.
Searching to innovate in the geometric, texturized, tie dyed, nocturnal foliage, optical abstracts and effects that are visually impactful.
The Exhale campaign 2018 was created for you to express the best version of yourself in the best way: Feeling well with yourself in your best moment.

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