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Beyond ´22
Beyond ´22

We want
to be
not perfect.


Contemplative moments take us further. Creating space and seeking movement paves the way for us to venture into alternate realities. It's the beauty in the small things, the joy we feel in ourselves and the potential in who we can be.

Vitória Rosa

Vitória Rosa Athlete

“I gather strength to go beyond by being a role model to so many kids, teens and adults – by being a black woman who inspires others through sports. Being natural for me is never losing sight of my essence and where I came from.”

Giulia Dias

Giulia Dias Model

“Natural for me is all about self-care, attention, listening to your body, doing what you love. Being in movement inspires me to go beyond.”

Fabrício Ferreira

Fabrício Ferreira Parathlete

“I reconnect with myself daily, every morning when I’m up and get dressed for a track run. To be natural is to live what you believe in with all your heart.”

Débora Wagatsuma

Débora Wagatsuma Model

“To me, being natural means lightheartedness and feeling good about myself. I strive to be a better person every day, constantly evolving and learning something from each new experience.”