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Wallpaper for mobile LIVE! Experience 2019

Wallpaper for mobile LIVE! Experience 2019

How about taking our lifestyle with you!? LIVE! adapted four prints from our new collection to be used as your Mobile Wallpaper. Just choose your favorite below, click on the image, save it to your device and select it as the background of the closed screen, the desktop or even your WhatsApp. Mobile wallpaper for LIVE! serves for both Android and iPhone.

Peony Mobile Wallpaper

The darling print from the Experience 2019 collection appeared on the Fitness , Beach line and now also for cell phone screen background . Enjoy to carry with you these flowers that are the face of summer 2019 - and our Reconnect line.


Click here to save | Peony Wallpaper

Sunrise Mobile Wallpaper

The sunrise revisited by LIVE! Exclusive print in cheerful and refreshing summer 2019 . Bring all this positive energy into your day-to-day life with the mobile Sunrise background . Save yours already below:


Click here to save | Sunrise Wallpaper

Motion Mobile Wallpaper

Motion, fluidity and attitude in this Motion Stamp , inspired by the incredible rock formations The Wave in Arizona, USA. And the best, the black and white tones confer calmness and elegance for anyone who wants a device with a more discreet look.


Click here to save | Motion Wallpaper

Manifest Mobile Wallpaper

Keep Focus, Love Animals, Make Dreams, Feed Your Soul ... Take All These Positive Attitudes LIVE! pro your day to day! Save the photo below in your screen background and have the LIVE Manifesto! always in the palm of your hand.


Click here to save | Manifest Wallpaper 

We want to hear your thoughts on these LIVE innovations !. What do you think we created canvas wallpapers with prints exclusive to the brand? Please comment below!

Want to know more about the new features of the new Experience 2019 collection? Access the link below >> https://www.liveoficial.com.br/blog/experience-2019/