MINDFULNESS: The Technique That Will Change Your Life

MINDFULNESS: The Technique That Will Change Your Life

The beauty of the birds singing, walks through the rocks, the feeling of a hug, the smell of fruits on the trees ... Have you ever thought about when it was the last time you noticed the beauty of small details? The term MINDFULNESS means full attention, and it is a practice that stimulates total attention in the present, making emotions, memories and sensations being unique and striking experiences.

Training takes place through reading and meditation practices, where you are guided to inside your body and mind. At that moment, you perceive your own wills and become aware of your mental processes and actions. In a state of mindfulness, you can confront the world around you as you are, and control stress, practice joy, and thus have excellence in controlling your emotions. With everything going ok, the days become much easier.

How to practice?

Unlike what you may think, the MINDFULNESS technique does not seek to empty thoughts, seek to live the moment and enjoy every minute in the company of friends, family and the comfort of your own home. It is a moment of respite, in which you pay attention to what you are living now, without clinging to the past or looking forward to the future.

To help you achieve this status, a few apps have been launched that will guide you to this beautiful journey of self-awareness. All you will need is a little rest and calm to disconnect! Here they are:

The Mindfulness App - Allows you to choose the practice time and if you prefer a guided practice, you can choose the voice of the teacher Catherine Orzech.

Headspace - (the most wanted of the celebs!) - with 10 minutes of daily practice, you are guided by different levels of attention. It has an extra package of sleep aid.

Calm - offers relaxing images and sounds to help your calming moment become even more enjoyable.

Looks to relax

The practice of ralaxing, MIDFULNESS and physical activities that promote well-being and concentration, like yoga and pilates, demand looks that favor the movements, touch and comfort. LIVE! has the special Zen line for women who seek balance in their moments of meditation. Special items with a velvety touch give Yoga practitioners incredible moments of harmony. Lightning is due to shades like pure red, which will illuminate the days of the practitioners.


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