LIVE! Cellphone Wallpaper

LIVE! Cellphone Wallpaper

How about taking our lifestyle with you? LIVE! adapted three more prints from our Wideness 2019 collection for your Cellphone wallpaper. In addition, we brought the new print LIVE! LIVE! a staple to the mix.


We have already done this with other prints from the Experience 2019 collection here's a little reminder of what they looked like. Wallpaper It's very easy to take our picture with you. Just choose your favorite below, click on the image, save it to your device and select it as the background of the lock screen, the desktop or even your Whatsapp. 

Mobile wallpaper for LIVE! works with both Android and iPhone.


Nature Mobile Wallpaper


Nature Mobile Wallpaper One of the most outstanding prints of the Wideness 2019 collection. She is present in pants and in the parka that is making the biggest success. It may also be on your phone screen. Enjoy to carry with you this stamp collection symbol.


Higher Power Mobile Wallpaper


Higher Power Mobile Wallpaper Stylized foliage, that touch of color for colder days, this is the Higher Power, the print that is also a success in the Wideness 2019 collection. Enjoy and save on your cell phone:


Wallpaper for mobile LIVE! Brand Mobile


Wallpaper for mobile LIVE! brand That stamp LIVE! LIVE! full of style - this is LIVE! brand, which brings colors that match our entire collection. Take all this attitude to your cell phone,  just save the image below! 


Mobile Wallpaper In The Cities


Wallpaper In The Cities Urban landscapes has invaded LIVE! And now your cell phone with this sensational print! Save the photo and take it in the palm of your hand!


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