21 Reborn collection - Check out these new arrivals!

The new  21 Reborn collection is in physical and online stores and we are loving these new pieces! They are new styles, fabrics and exclusive prints that will make you want to own everything!

Starring for the second time the beautiful Grazi Massafera, the campaign was photographed in Chapada dos Guimarães, in Mato Grosso, Brazil and brought the theme REBORN that speaks of link, ties, connection with our truest essence and how to reborn is to relearn.

 Check out the Campain vídeo here


Must Haves of the new Reborn Collection

The multifunctionality, high wearability, technology and fashion look that are DNA LIVE! are also present in the new Reborn collection. The news is so many that we made a selection of 8 looks bets that will leave you wanting each of them:



For essential workout looks: products with style and comfort suitable for sports! And one of the favorites of this collection is the Top Neo Side Waist Line in this one-shoulder modeling and the Fusô Waist Line with high compression and high coverage – which minimizes transparency during sports practice.

Available in 3 colors, but we are loving this pink color, in a wonderful soft tone that resembles the crystals – and that brings this part of spirituality that influenced creation.

Another highlight is the Top L! Holographic and L Fit Shorts! Holographic: The top features removable padding, raglan sleeve and rounded neckline. The shorts have slim modeling, medium compression and is slightly longer at the back providing greater comfort during practice. A super contemporary and fresh look!

Detail for holographic effect bringing a mix of colors, furtacor inspiration.


looks esportivos treino na academia e em casa



This is the pillar designed and developed with technologies to promote high-impact activities

Do you do running practice? So Top LIVE! Reflex and legging pro LIVE! Reflex were made for you! The look has high elasticity, modeling effect and even a whole print in LIVE! Signature with reflective effect when receiving the incidence of light – ensuring more safety for night time workouts!


looks esportivos com tecnologia efeito refletivo


If you are on the team that loves high intensity training as cross-training, for example, you know how much wearing the right look is essential! After all, no one deserves to lose focus because of the clothes, don't they?

That's why The Top High Cut and Holographic Legging Pro is perfect! The high support top has elastic and regulator that provides size adjustment; the legging has high compression and tulle cutouts on the sides.

Detail for the color Scarlet, a creamy and delicate violet that makes us feel the aroma of flowers in a winter garden.





We arrived at the pillar  of the collection and we are super excited to see everyone wearing these new styles! A piece perfect for at home look. Wellness brings comfort and design in fluid products perfect for the relaxing moment, routines of the day and wellness activities such as yoga, pilates and meditation.

Incidentally, one of the favorites is the Mindful Jacket and Mindful Shorts that bring a wide shape and loose trim. A cozy look with a color that passes good energy and connects us with the calm that we need.



For those looking for a differentiated look without giving up comfort, the Zip Relaxing Jacket and Jogger Relaxing Pants are also bets of the new collection! The set comes with a modeling with more open sleeves and a differentiated fabric with texture, super yummy to wear!

Available on the site in beige color and with color news still in April!





Style and versatility in casual and urban looks! So is our lifestyle pillar that bet for this collection in The Urban Style Jacket and Jogger Urban Style Pants.

This set that is a mix of tailoring with a more sporty footprint is already a very strong trend out there and, with the impact of the pandemic, we look at the comfort of modeling: a sports blazer with adjustment that combines with a jogger pants.

looks esportivos urbanos com estilo alfaiataria


Still in this cool look with the conjunction 'sets', the Infinity print of The Duo Infinity Jacket and Jogger Duo Infinity brings the duo's tendency of neutral overtone colors to a naturalistic and chic foliage! A warm and rosy coloring! beautiful!


looks esportivos urbanos estilo conjuntos sets


What did you think? Did you love these new looks? So take the opportunity to check out these and many other new features from the Reborn '21 collection in our  online store or come visit us at the nearest physical store! Find the LIVE! store here! closer to you!

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