Bermuda cyclist: the new darling of celebrities

Bermuda cyclist: the new darling of celebrities

She was accustomed to going to the gym and training in the street. But the Bermuda cyclist has become fashion icon and has already become the darling of many celebrities.

Cyclist Bermuda

Anyone who does physical activity has been accustomed to seeing cyclist shorts for a long time. Fair and longer than shorts and shorter than a capri pants, the cyclist bermuda gathers comfort not only by the fabric but also just by the longer length.

Sweetheart of the famous


Trendsetters Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian surrendered to Cyclist Bermuda.

Kim Kardashian, Splash News Online

Bella Hadid, Getty

But he is mistaken who thinks that the two use the pieces only in the more informal moments. Check out these looks!

Kim Kardashian (Photo by Charley Gallay / Getty Images for Bumble)

Bella Hadid - Splash News

The singer Anitta also surrendered to the fashion.


Anitta Instagram (@anitta)


In the catwalk

Whoever thinks that only celebrities are betting on the cyclist shorts, this trend has already circulated on the catwalks, at brand shows such as Kanye West's Yeezy, PumaXFenty, Saint Laurent and Off-White.
The shorts were both in the traditional version and smooth.


And you, have you considered using that tendency to be comfortable and daring? If so, we have beautiful models for you to mix and dare.

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