Free Falling: Are You Getting the Support You Need

Free Falling: Are You Getting the Support You Need?

We know: Bra shopping is hard enough; no one needs the added hassle of sports bra shopping. But the bottom line is that our girls need a lot of support to endure the high-impact workouts we love, and unlike with tanks and tees, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. Use these tips to pick the right sports bra for your frame.


  1. Know your support group. The trio responsible for keeping your breasts snug and secure are the straps, the band, and the cups. Most women choose bras with cup sizes that are too small and band sizes that are too large for their size.


  1. Choose your ideal style. Too much bounce without enough support puts strain on the breast ligaments, causing them to break down and eventually sag. For women who wear sizes A and B, a pullover, compression-style bra (like the Hard Fit Active Top) is a safe choice. For ladies with larger chests, the encapsulation style, which features individual cups, works better.


  1. Check the band length. When trying on the bra, slide a finger under the band between your breasts; if you can pull it more than an inch from your chest, it’s too big. Try raising both your arms; if the band creeps up, it’s also too big. Get a smaller size.


  1. Consider the level of impact. Not all exercises require the same amount of motion control from a sports bra. Running definitely demands a bra with maximum support to minimize bounce and strain, while yoga needs a low- to medium-support level. Test out a bra’s strength as you try it on; if you feel and see a lot of motion, you need a style with more control.


  1. Take measurements. Don’t risk the future condition of your breasts with a guess. Unfortunately, there is no standard sizing for sports bras. Bring a soft tape measure when you go shopping or use the provided guides on a brand’s website to ensure you are choosing the size that fits your current measurements.


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